Excellent Service is the Key to a Thriving Business


Last year, our company took on a new customer and agreed to deliver a set of services during a specific timeframe, at a given price. The project had some problems, mostly due to the customer initially understating their need and changing the requirements mid-stream. Even though it was difficult for us, and we let them know this, we honored the agreement and helped them, even when no one else was in a position to do so. We didn’t let them down and we didn’t take advantage of them, even when they had no other good options.  They came back to us a month later for their next project.

Your business needs customers to survive. But no business can survive without repeat customers. Customers will come to you the first time for many possible reasons: low prices, good reputation, selling what they need or being in a convenient location. Customers will come back if they get good service. That might mean they received their product quickly, or that the service was delivered promptly, with high quality.

When you are proactive in letting customers know the status of their order or service project, when you honor agreements and pricing, when you help them get out of a difficult situation, and when you don’t “nickel and dime” them, they appreciate that level of service. At the end of a successful business transaction, they will remember that you gave them what they wanted, when they wanted it, and at the price they can be happy with.

This is what brings customers back, over and over.  Repeat customers bring repeat revenue for your company and create a baseline of income for your company.  Then when you add new customers on top of that, you get growth and a build a company that not only survives, but thrives.

Commit yourself to excellent customer service and watch your company thrive.