Day 1 Without Cable TV


Morning routine was a little out of whack. Couldn’t watch TheFive on the DVR while eating breakfast. Kind of missing Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino and Andrea Tanteros. [Note to self, follow their Twitter feed.]

Instead, chose to watch local morning news and weather. The anchors have changes in the last six years. Flipped from channel 5 to 11 to 17. Seems like petty news to me – store burned, car flipped, dog saves cat’s life…. Not sure I’ll find my “fix” with local news.

This evening, I found solace in Netflix. I’m one if the few who never started watching the US version if The Office (Ricky Gervais started it in the UK). So I got 3 episodes in tonight. Funny, yet painful – too close to what I’ve seen before, in many respects.

Didn’t start missing ESPN yet, though — and I was expecting to. But there will come a time when I want cable sports and I’ll have to divert interest.

Saved about $5 today alone. Cha-Ching.