Day 2 Without Cable


Woke up with plans to pack for my trip to Alaska, but paused to think what I might have on the TV while I prepared.

With my homemade antenna, I was able to pick up the local Channel 11 Saturday morning news. It was sufficient, but, again, it was mostly house fires, car accidents and deaths in Durham, Fayetteville and Raleigh.

I settled on national network news, but by that time I was more focused on packing and making sure the office had all the information they needed to cover for me during my vacation.

Yesterday, while at work, I was able to test my TabloTV’s ability to play my recordings over the Internet. Previously, I had set up the required port forwarding (3 ports), so I was glad to see it work. I was able to watch a recorded Durham Bulls baseball game (only out the corner of my eye) while I worked. Happy, happy!

On this, Day 2, I didn’t really miss cable at all. Now I’m on a plane.