Magical Misery Tour


There is something magical about sitting in a cozy setting listening to musicians that you’ve listened to for 30 years. Even though the songs are new, the feeling is familiar and harkens to a simpler time in my college days.


Mike Roe, Derri Daugherty and Chris Taylor performed tonight at Rock’n’Roll High School in Apex, NC. It was an intimate affair, which is to say, there were a dozen or so of us there.

But the songs, oh, the songs! This event was full of masterful performances that only this small gathering will enjoy tonight.

Mike (77s), Derri (The Choir) and Chris are starting a tour called Misery Loves Company and Apex is “the second rehearsal,” as Michael quipped.

The older, more seasoned musicians, made Chris feel at home as the new younger guy, inviting him to join in the ad lib banter. And he’s growing into the role well. His talent and style fit right in.

If this tour comes anywhere near you, catch them while you can. It’s the sound of magic.