Hurricane Irma Preparedness


Hurricane Harvey hit Houston hard. It made me remember Matthew from 2016.

Matthew dumped 6″ of rain on Apex, flooding parts of Highway 55, Richardson Road, and other lower areas.

Winds snapped tree limbs and caused temporary power outages.

The Town of Apex electricity, or as I like to call it, Peak Power, was brought back into service within 24 hours, while the Duke-served neighborhood of Beckett Crossing was down for almost a week.

Hurricane Irma is battering Florida now, heading up into the Carolinas, much like Matthew did last year.

I know Apex is ready for whatever hits us. We have the Emergency Operations Center ready in case we need to scramble service men and women to provide aid and repairs.

If your power blinks and comes back on, that is achieved by the upgraded re-closers that we added to the transformers. They automatically try to repair a circuit break without human intervention.

If the re-closers can’t do the job, the outage is seen by our smart power system and we will roll a truck and crew out to make repairs.

If you have a non-emergency problem you wish to report, you can download the Apex Outage app from the iTunes or Google stores. Obviously, for emergencies you can dial 911.

Make plans now to be out of power for a few days and you won’t regret it later if it happens.

Go ahead and fill up some plastic bottles with delicious Apex tap water and tuck them away in the back of your pantry and in your refrigerator for cold mass to help keep food cold while the fridge isn’t running.

For the same reason, dump your ice trays into ziplock freezer bags and put them back into the freezer.

Go ahead and wash and dry clothes while you have power. Especially your whites.

And for goodness sake, take a shower shortly before the storm arrives in case something compromises the water supply and you don’t have the opportunity to get a good shower for a while.

Test your flashlight batteries, charge up your cell phones and laptops.

For those of you, like me, who are in the habit of coffee in the morning, cold brew a batch of coffee in case you need a caffeine fix. Cold brewed coffee can last a week in the fridge because the process extracts less acid from the beans.

In case you want to learn how to cold brew your coffee, I’ll leave a helpful link here in the show notes at

For heavy rains and strong winds, move yard items up close to the safety of your house. Your foundation is usually higher ground on your lot and the house can act as a wind block to keep your items from leaving your yard.

Obviously, you want to have food in the pantry that you can eat without cooking, but you may also wish to put gas in your gas tank (hint: go very early in the morning) and cash in your wallet.

If you live near any elderly folks, check to see if they need anything.

When you’re all done, you can binge on Netflix and DVR shows, knowing that you got your fix if the power does go out.

Stay safe, everyone!