Lance Olive

Lance Olive is the Director of Business Operations at Better Boards, Inc., a local small business that specializes in printed circuit board design.  Having recently earned his MBA from Gardner-Webb University, his objective is to help the company deliver quality engineering services while making a profit. He believes that small businesses are the backbone to a productive and thriving local economy.

Olive spent 4 years as a member of the Town Council of Apex, and 6 years on the Apex Planning and Zoning Board of Advisors. Prior to that he served as the Vice President on the Board of Directors for his 400-home HOA. He spent 6 years teaching adult Bible Study and 6 years teaching 9th grade at Apex Baptist Church, where he’s been a member since 1974. He has participated in countless parades and town celebrations over the years, and supports his community with pride. His first jobs were in Apex as a newspaper boy at 13, a soda jerk at 15 and a school bus driver at 17.

Lance got his undergraduate degree at North Carolina State University, earning his major in Computer Science. While there, he worked part time in the computer lab and as a teaching assistant for CSC101. He also cut his radio teeth at WCPE-FM, WKNC-FM and WHEV-AM.  He took extended studies in Japanese language and, following graduation, he passed up immediate job opportunities to spend 10 weeks volunteering in the greater Tokyo area and a camp in Chiba, working with a Christian organization teaching English, sharing the Gospel and mentoring high school students.

Lance married Cheryl, also from NCSU, in 1989 and they now have two college-age children — Kerby at Appalachian State University, and Shelby at UNC-Greensboro. Throughout their marriage, they’ve lived out the principles that are important to them: passing along the heritage of a God-fearing family, the value of hard work to be productive and to earn personal rewards, and to live the American dream following the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

Lance enjoys many hobbies and recreations, such as music, writing, cars, home theater, sports and many more. He tends to enjoy the learning of a new hobby as much as the hobby itself. The blog here is an outlet to share thoughts on any of the areas in his life, and sometimes serves as an excuse to add something new to his list of learnings.


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