December 7, 2015


On Dec 1, 2015, I took the oath of office, with Justice Robert Edmunds of the NC Supreme Court administering the oath. In the very brief organizational meeting, the council selected Nicole Dozier as our new Mayor Pro Tempore. She and I will work together keep us focused on what’s important for the citizens of Apex.

Following that, I appointed council members to committees and liaison positions, making a few structural changes along the way. I removed the Fire Advisory Board position since it has become obsolete. I replaced the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources position with a PR&CR committee so they could focus more on policies, priorities and projects. I then created a new position to support the Apex Downtown Business Association. Then we adjourned that meeting.


Sworn on Dec 1, 2015 by NC Supreme Court Justice Robert Edmunds

Since then I have met with our town manager and assistant town manager, completed the New Mayor training offered by the NC League of Municipalities in conjunction with the UNC School of Government, lit the downtown Christmas tree, rode with my wife, Cheryl, on my trusty Baja in the Christmas parade, lit the first “candle” on the downtown menorah for Chanukah, and met some Chamber of Commerce members at a social event. It’s been a busy week — a good and fun busy.

Before the Apex Christmas Parade, Dec 5, 2015: (L-R) Denise Wilkie, Wesley Moyer, Lance Olive, Bill Jensen, Nicole Dozier, Gene Schulze

As Apex wraps up the year 2015, we enter a new era of town council. We have a balanced team who will work together to focus on making Apex even greater. As I begin my term as mayor, and narrow down our objectives for 2016, here are some of the high-level areas I will ask our council to pursue:

  • Replace our retiring town manager
  • Ensure our planned commercial regions are secured
  • Pursue downtown infrastructure improvements
  • Agree upon ground rules of behavior for elected officials
  • Hold an old-fashioned town hall meeting
  • Finish planning our senior center
  • Establish concrete objectives and success metrics for economic development
  • Prioritize our greenway, parks and recreation ideas
  • Plan and fund our Apex Peakway completion project
  • Balance the 2016-2017 budget with no tax increase
  • Make planning ordinance changes to ensure school space is adequately addressed
  • Promote business in Apex to balance the residential growth
  • Complete construction of Public Safety Station #5
  • Explore the council structure: numbers and districts
This council is hitting the ground running — over the next couple of weeks we are having committee meetings to get the ball rolling on many of these items. Apex citizens should rest assured that their elected officials are working hard for them to make sure Apex continues to be the peak of great living.